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Influencer Marketing in Aruba

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Capture the attention of your audience in a heartbeat
with Next Gen Aruba... the island's first
and only Influencer Marketing Agency.
From influencers, for influencers.

Founded by the Croes Bros,
Next Gen Aruba aims to bridge local businesses and influencers together to create exciting collaborations
resulting in growth.
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Next Gen Aruba

Bringing together Aruba's biggest influencers to create dynamite! On their own, they already hold the power to influence consumer behavior and increase company sales. But together? They are unstoppable!

All of Next Gen Aruba's social media creators have different styles and audiences, this means that each of them can bring a unique element to any marketing strategy.
Gilmher & Jayden Croes started their journey creating entertaining videos before they even knew that they could make a career out of it. They eventually gained popularity worldwide for their content and they got the opportunity to work with international brands. After experiencing the ins and outs of influencer marketing abroad, they learned firsthand how the biggest companies in the world use it to their advantage.

Today, the brothers have decided to bring that knowledge and experience back to their One Happy Island, to help local companies grow and influencers thrive.

Brought to you by the Croes Bros

Croes Bros: Gilmher & Jayden Croes

Get in touch with Aruba's first and only Influencer Marketing Agency.

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